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When you travel with National Geographic Expeditions, you gain access to people and places and are enriched by the knowledge of experts and guides, and by local experts you meet along the way. And they give back. Simply by taking a trip with National Geographic, you support the work of our explorers and researchers. That is the National Geographic Difference.

Over the past 130 years, the National Geographic Society has sent scientists, storytellers, and adventurers across continents and into remote cultures, down to the oceans’ depths and up the highest mountains in an effort to better understand our planet. National Geographic Expeditions grew from this legacy as a way to invite others to explore—to encounter the wonders of the world up close, in-depth, right at the source, and to be transformed by the experience.

Access: Closer Than You’ve Ever Imagined
National Geographic opens doors around the globe: Their relationships with scientists, storytellers, museums, and active research sites allow them special access to places and people. Traveling with National Geographic, you go behind the scenes to get a close-up view of work that’s helping illuminate and protect the world’s cultural and natural treasures, from archaeological excavations in Italy to whale conservation in Alaska to the celebration of an ancient Aboriginal culture in the Australian outback.

Knowledge: Let Experts Guide You
You gain knowledge when you travel with National Geographic—whether you’re face-to-face with an elephant in the Serengeti, listening to a wildlife biologist explain its every move, or gazing up at prehistoric cave paintings with a paleontologist in France. From the scientists, photographers, and explorers who lead their trips to the local guides and experts they meet in the field, you’ll be surrounded by people who are steeped in knowledge and insights about the places they travel. And they’re passionate about sharing that knowledge with you.

Give Back: When You Travel with National Geographic, You Make a Difference
When you travel with National Geographic Expeditions, you support the National Geographic Society’s researchers and explorers who work to preserve, protect, and advance our understanding of the planet and its people. Every year, the Society awards more than 575 grants to scientists, educators, innovators, and storytellers around the world.

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