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Mar 10 Memorable Meals Disney Style

Author: Cara Goldsbury | Comments: 4 | Categories: DISNEY DINING REVIEWS

After more than two decades enjoying Walt Disney World’s restaurants I wanted to compose a list of my all-time favorite dishes. Hopefully they may become your favorites also:

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Feb 12 What’s Your Disney Concierge Personality?

Author: Cara Goldsbury | Comments: 8 | Categories: WALT DISNEY WORLD®

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s actually a Disney concierge personality. I just happened upon this phenomena on my last Walt Disney World research trip when, in my usual fashion, I moved every two nights between resorts. And it struck me like never before how very different guest personalities are in each resort, particularly when it comes to concierge.

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Jan 09 Training to Become a Princess

Author: Megan Biller | Comments: 1 | Categories:

Glass Slipper Concierge agent and guest blogger Megan Biller trains for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon.

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Dec 27 An Adventure in Italy, Disney-Style; Final Chapter

Author: Cara Goldsbury | Comments: 1 | Categories: ADVENTURES BY DISNEY®

Ahhh….Venice! Honestly I think it might possibly be the most beautiful place in the world. It’s my third time here, and I’m still in awe of it.

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Dec 25 An Adventure in Italy, Disney-Style; Part Four

Author: Cara Goldsbury | Comments: 1 | Categories: ADVENTURES BY DISNEY®

I really do feel an amazing sense of camaraderie with my fellow travelers after a few days of seeing the world together. And what a perfect group! The children all a joy, and the adults gracious, fun, and incredible travel partners. I keep asking myself, “where is that one pain in the rear that I’ve always heard is a mandatory part of any tour group”?

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Dec 23 An Adventure in Italy, Disney-Style; Part Three

Author: Cara Goldsbury | Comments: 2 | Categories: ADVENTURES BY DISNEY®

We toured St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums on our third day followed by a festive lunch of antipasto and saltimbocca. The group was getting livelier, and the children had paired off in natural age groups having the time of their lives.

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Dec 21 An Adventure In Italy, Disney-Style; Part Two

Author: Cara Goldsbury | Comments: 0 | Categories: ADVENTURES BY DISNEY®

After only one day on my Adventure By Disney tour of Italy I would venture to say there couldn’t be a better choice for family travel. The “Junior Adventurers” were treated like royalty, and Marco, our Italian Adventure Guide, had the children in giggles half the day.

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Dec 20 An Adventure In Italy, Disney-Style

Author: Cara Goldsbury | Comments: 3 | Categories: ADVENTURES BY DISNEY®

I’ve never been much of a group player. In fact anything even remotely hinting of the word “group” makes me run in exactly the opposite direction: group sports, group therapy, groupons.  But the most frightening two words for me are “group tours”.

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Dec 15 Twelve Days of A Disney Christmas

Author: Megan Biller | Comments: 4 | Categories: WALT DISNEY WORLD®

Glass Slipper Concierge agent and guest blogger Megan Biller has given new meaning to the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas.

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Dec 13 Time For a New Cirque du Soleil Show at Disney Springs?

Author: Cara Goldsbury | Comments: 10 | Categories: DISNEY SPRINGS™

For fifteen years the Cirque du Soleil show at Downtown Disney has wowed and wondered all who attend. I’m the first to rave about La Nouba, but enough is enough. How long is this same show in the same spot going to continue? Am I the only one out there who thinks it’s time for a change?

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